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This website VissaStudios.com is a resource for information and does not diagnose or prescribe anything.

You can put all hair styling information into practice after considering individual aspects of your hair but do this at your own risk, especially procedures involving any chemicals, natural ingredients or hair styling devices.

Use the information given after reasonable consideration, and if there are any doubts, consult a professional hairstylist. The website is not responsible for any decisions you make or any advice a hairstylist gives you.

To the fullest extent the law permits, VissaStudios.com is not liable for any kind of loss or damage anyone suffers by the use or non-use of this website and the contents that appear therein. VissaStudios.com is not liable for any loss or damage that may happen to the viewer of this website based on a decision made on the contents of this website. Any decision or action taken is the full responsibility of the individual making such decision, and VissaStudios.com expressly cannot be held liable.

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This website contains certain photos and videos that are owned by companies and individuals outside VissaStudios.com and are provided for informational purposes only. VissaStudios.com has no control over the contents of these videos or photos and is not the licensed owner of such videos and photos.

The original material and content VissaStudios.com provides is for personal use only. This content cannot be reproduced or distributed for commercial purposes without getting the consent of VissaStudios.com or any other third-party who owns the license for such content.

Any comments posted on the VissaStudios.com site may or may not be included in the contents of the website, and the website automatically gets the license to publish such content.

If for any reason any material is offensive and/or copyrighted, please email vissa@vissastudios.com to remove immediately.

Treatments, Products and Services

Hair styling procedures and treatments for various hair conditions and for increasing hair growth are all opinions and should not be taken as prescriptions.

All hair products that are featured on VissaStudios.com are manufactured by other companies. VissaStudios.com only offers opinions and information about these products and does not in any way prescribe these products. VissaStudios.com also does not offer any kind of guarantee about the efficacy of these products. VissaStudios.com is not liable for any kind of damages caused to anybody by the use of these products. All responsibility and liability lies with the company that manufactured the particular product.

All articles about various hairstylists are for informational purposes only. VissaStudios.com is not liable for losses and damages happening to individuals from consultation or treatments these hairstylists provide.

All third parties and companies featured in this website appear for informational purposes only, and VissaStudios.com does not in any way guarantee their legitimacy or efficacy of their services or products.

Any online service VissaStudios.com provides is on acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable to these services. VissaStudios.com can also alter or stop these services or any part of them at any time. VissaStudios.com does not provide any warranty or guarantee for such service and is not responsible for its inaccuracy or being out–of-date.

Updated 11/4/12

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