Do you get paranoid when you start losing a lot of hair all of a sudden? Have you tried out all the remedies your friends have told you about to solve this problem without much relief? If you are keen to know how you can control your abnormal hair loss and reverse the problem as early as possible, you have come to the right place. Read on to understand why this problem arises in the first place and how simple steps can help to prevent it.

Genetic causes

Scientific research has proved that hair loss is common among both men and women due to genetic factors.


Increased levels of tension or stress can produce high levels of testosterone which hampers hair growth.


People suffering from health complications such as thyroid tend to face hair loss problems because the medications prescribed to the patients tend to have several side effects, hair loss being one of them.


Since we are always exposed to pollutants and germs in the environment, this could be the reason why you are experiencing abnormal hair loss.

While there are different types of factors leading to hair loss, there are ways to prevent this problem. Here are a few:

  • You must stop neglecting your hair. Use natural hair oil that can help you to reverse the damage caused to your hair.
  • Changing your diet can be of great help. Include food rich in vitamins and minerals to have a balanced diet.
  • You should get your scalp checked first. If the dermatologist confirms you have a skin ailment, you should take his advice and follow the medications.


Avoid tying your hair too tightly since the tension caused by it can lead to further loss of hair.

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