By Ronnie Williams

DON’T attempt to glue in your own weave without mirrors.
The Reason:
Doing so may cause you to apply glue to your follicle, causing breakage at removal.

DON’T use any glue substitutions (nail glue, krazy glue) in your hair.
The Reason:
Weave glue is made of liquid rubber and latex; products deemed OK for the scalp. Other materials could be dangerous for your natural hair.

DON’T haul out glue bonded tracks.
The Reason:
This can cause permanent hair loss and it hurts.

DON’T accept braids that are too tight in a sewn weave. Alert your stylist.
The Reason:
Tight braids pull hair away from the scalp, which can cause hair loss over time

DON’T use hair that has dry-rotted.
The Reason:
This hair will not hold styles/curls and may have also accumulated fungus.

DON’T use household thread to sew in a weave.
The Reason:
Household thread is sharper and weaker than weave thread. It can pop hair and will not hold a weave over time.

DON’T guess what color your hair is. Including ordering hair online for the first time or going to a Beauty Supply store and buying hair color without matching it first.
The Reason:
For a natural looking weave, go to your local Beauty Supply and have someone tell you which hair color you need.

DON’T leave your weave in for excessive amounts of time.
The Reason:
Braided hair underneath will become dirty and may dread and/or mat, causing reversible hair loss.

DON’T neglect your real hair.
The Reason:
Remember to keep your scalp clean and moisturized for healthy hair

DON’T forget to wash your weave.
The Reason:
Weave collects dirt and product build-up. Wash the weave as though it were your hair.

DON’T settle for the quick fix.
The Reason:
Go to an experienced stylist or research before you do your own weave.

DON’T ignore obvious signs.
The Reason:
If you notice unbearable pain, bumps, or tenderness, return to your stylist for removal or a remedy

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