When it comes to hair, we all seem to want what we can’t have. Those of us with curls seem to find ourselves working with a flatiron while straight haired ladies grab ahold of a curling iron to create waves and barrel curls. Curls themselves are a complicated thing to achieve; even those of us born with curly hair end up using some kind of tool to create a different kind of curl-not that that’s a bad thing! Curls are just cute, no one can deny that.

However, the last thing you want to do when it comes to your hair is sacrifice health for style. When creating curls, the first thing that stylists and newbies alike tend to reach for is a curling iron. While this is okay on a once in a while basis, working with a curling iron is not something you want to do on a regular. Not to worry-there are a ton of other ways to achieve your perfect curl-without the horrible heat damage!

Rollers-probably the most well known and widely used way of achieving no heat curls. Our moms used them and their moms used them. Affective though they may be, rollers are extremely hard to sleep in and a pain in the neck to apply. (Literally. I had a stiff neck from all the stretching and straining I had to do for my last roller set.) Rollers are still popular and for good reason-they’re pretty affordable and they come in about a million different sizes so everyone can create their ideal style. Our advice: make sure to use end papers when working with rollers. I remember seeing them in my mothers bathroom and never knowing what the heck they were for…until I felt as though I were yanking out my ends when I tried a roller set without them. Just trust me.

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Rag curls-This is a method that was probably introduced long before rollers were. Just as simple as rollers-take a scrap of t-shirt, wrap a section of hair around it and tie the ends of the scrap together. Voila! Pretty straightforward, right? If you prefer roots that are a little straighter, this may not be the route for you, unless your hair is straight already. The upside? Rag curls are a dream to sleep in.

Pin curls-Probably the fastest way to obtain curls, this is accomplished by wrapping a section of hair around two fingers, and pinning the resulting roll of hair down with a bobby pin. Though the actual process itself is fairly simple, this may take a little longer depending on the type of hair because each section has to be fairly small for decent curl definition.

Flexirods-When flexirods first arrived on the scene they were everywhere! There wasn’t a beauty blogger in the world who hadn’t bought them (or a knockoff version) to test out. The length and bendable construction of a flexirod allows the user to create anything from waves to spiral curls and securing with a simple twist instead of with pins or clamps allows for fairly easy installation.

Rihanna can rock anything!

Bantu knots-when executed correctly, bantu knots create adorable spiral curls that even Shirley Temple would swoon over. However, a good bantu knot out is a science. Without enough drying time or the right type of styling product, they tend to fall flat or poof up which is always disheartening because bantu knots require a fair amount of effort. It usually takes two or three tries to get the hang of this style.

What are your favorite ways to create a curl? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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