So your edges are disappearing and you don’t know what to do. ┬áHere are 5 things to do to grow your edges

1. Use Virgin fertilizer

This product works rapidly with many people. It is a great way to see instant growth in a matter of weeks.

2. Work from the inside out

Fragile hair needs extra vitamins and minerals, so eat more protein, test for deficiencies and eat a vitamin and mineral rich diet.

3. Stop the wigs

Wigs can hurt your edges so take a break and look for an alternative style for a while.

4. Moisturize daily

Curly hair tends to be dry. If you moisturize it daily with a light conditioner or oil, your hair will be healthier and the ends will not break. Olive or soya bean oil works well and can get you closer to growing your edges out. This is a natural solution to Virgin fertilizer but is not as quick.

5. Go natural

Relaxers will damage your hair and blow drying will too. If you can find a natural style that does not require either of these treatments, you will be that closer to longer hair. Build strength. moisture and health in your hair when growing your edges out so you get your desired look quickly.

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