Any straight-haired woman will tell you how much she envies the lustrous curly of any Hollywood starlet she sees on-screen. Hair type 3b, with its clearly defined s-shaped loops is one that requires hours of arduous crimping for the average woman. If you are lucky enough to have this as your natural hair type, welcome it with open arms and it will do so much for you.

With a medium amount of curl, your beautifully bouncy tresses serve to frame your face perfectly. Soft and fine, hair type 3b is more easily manageable than one would expect and is the kind of hair that will hardly ever let you down. Whether you pin it up or allow it to cascade over your shoulders in a blissfully gentle waterfall, you are guaranteed to look amazing. With the likes of Keri Russel and Bernadette Peters sporting their own luxurious ringlets, there is no doubt that you are halfway to the red carpet of glam-styles already.

Always use styling products with extra moisturizer to prevent frizzing and breakage. Never try to fight with your curls, simply use gels and creams that help to accentuate the natural curvatures of your hair. Tangles should only be dealt with when your hair is wet as fighting through knots when your hair is dry will only lead to breakages and unwanted frizz.


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