In the 1940’s,  hairstyles had so many curls and updos. The use of hair rollers and curlers were common during this period. Still wearing a hat is still present during the period so smoother hair crowns are made to use hats comfortably.

Whether the hair is short or long, the hairstyles of 1940s were characterized for women’s hair to have waves while the front and sides portions of the hair were pinned back to create a rolled effect. Among of the popular hairstyles for Black women and even for non Blacks in the 1940’s are:

The Chignon. This hairstyle is termed Chignon which is derived from the French words ‘Chignon du cou’ which means nape of the neck. The hairstyle is done by pinning the hair into a knot at the base of the neck. The Chignon styles could vary depending on how the knot is formed.

Pin Curls and Ringlet Curls. This is one of the famous hairstyle in 1940’s. Curls are formed with hot rollers. Pin curls are made to curl smaller portions of the hair.

The Omelete Fold. This was also one of the 1940’s hairstyle that was usually worn by a lot of Black women during that period. The hair was parted at the back and the criss cross style will be created for the hair to have folds.

The Do Rags. A piece of cloth was used to cover chemically treated hair called do rags. Men, as well as women, used the Do Rag to keep their hair in place.

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