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Natural Hair Care Products & Curly Locs

Natural hair care products are gaining popularity. New products are being introduced weekly with social media and testimonials complimentary of, You Tube and a good number of hair blogs. There remain a few staples that you can turn to in order to promote hair growth. They add moisture and contain oils and softeners to work [...]

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Natural Hair Is Transforming Conversations

When my sister-friend Dasha Kelly was approached by a parking enforcement officer, she expected a parking ticket. Surprisingly, the woman didn’t issue a ticket. Instead, she wanted answers about Dasha’s beautiful natural hair style and the captivating and vibrant shade of red that she plays with. Dasha was more than thrilled with her double dose of [...]

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Talking Bout’ Good and Bad Hair…

I find myself advocating for the natural hair movement all the time. Recent conversations with sister friends has made me want to delve deeper into the myriad of reasons black women have for categorizing our hair as good or bad. Whenever I hear, “She or he has “good hair”” it makes the hairs on the [...]

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The First Cut

For some teens, the desire to be seen as a young lady and not as a little girl comes with thoughts of doing something different. They wonder, “What life will be like without ponytails and bangs.” Mothers know this because they too may remember what it felt like to want to do something creative and [...]

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What’s Up With Some of the New Hair Products?

Black women know how to scout out hair products. Sometimes we become private detectives looking for hair care products that will do what we need. It isn’t always easy. Depending on where you reside their can be supply stores on every other block. The flip side is living in an area where the “ethnic” hair [...]

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Love for Natural Hair

Checking in at Detroit Metropolitan Airport for my return flight to Los Angeles following the holiday, I was wrapped up in natural hair love. As I approached the TSA agent to show my identification, she told me she “loved”my hair. I admired her locs as well. At the next station before heading to security sat [...]

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